Latest Runway Improvements January 2021

Saturday 30th January 2021 was a very important day for the Gold Coast Sports Flying Club.

After fundraising and saving for some time, the club was in a position to complete further runway improvements, and today we applied hot-mix asphalt to both ends of the runway.

This now gives a new runway surface almost 5 meters wide and 55 meters long at each end of 10 – 28 runway for takeoff. This new surface should reduce propeller damage significantly over the previous stabilised gravel surface.

As funding permits, there may even be a possibility that we could extend this even further eventually joining up each end to have an 800 meter long paved runway.

Congratulations to the committee (driven by Mike Smith) for organising these major improvements, and congratulations to the members who now have a very valuable fixed asset improvement to the airfield.

Finally, a big thank you to the contractors who completed this job in only 4 hours to absolute perfection !