Student Membership

GCSFC New Student Membership Application

I hereby apply to become a student member (as selected above) and agree to the GCSFC terms and conditions.

I understand the following club rules relating to commercial activities..
  • No commercial flying activities
  • No other commercial activities without prior written approval by the club
  • No regular flights to and from the airfield by aircraft used for commercial activities

I agree to abide by the aims and objectives of the Gold Coast sports flying club Inc and its bylaws.   

I understand that my application will be submitted to the membership committee for consideration, if accepted, I understand a 12 month probationary membership period will apply.
Additionally, I understand that the Gold Coast Sports Flying Club Inc has rules related to persons operating out of Heck Field that cover safety, airman ship, behaviour and community expectations.
I agree to abide by the aims and objectives of the Gold Coast Sports Flying Club Inc at all times
I understand by submitting this document that I am electronically agreeing to its contents and conditions, pressing submit is equal to my personal signature.
After submitting this form you will receive a validation email saying that your membership request has been received. This email will also include bank transfer information with the details needed to pay your membership subscriptions. If you have any questions whatsoever please do not hesitate to contact either the GCSFC Secretary or Treasurer, details can be found on the contact page
Payment Details

Total $ 110