Flying to Heck Field

Heck Field Details

Note: Data supplied for information purposes ONLY.
In all cases refer to the current ERSA and Airservices maps for complete & current information.

LIST OF HAZARDS Current as of 30th March 2020

  1. Cars driving on the grass adjacent to the cane field towards the entrance to the threshold of runway 28. This appears to have been stopped by a dirt drain/mound placed outside the runway threshold.
  2. Trees growing in height at each end of runway 18/36
  3. Increasing height of fill material on approach to runway 36 causing lift/sink/turbulence under certain conditions which cannot be predicted accurately.
  4. When using runway 18/36, under certain wind conditions the buildings and taxiways between them can cause wind gusts which may affect aircraft operations. This has not been shown to be a major hazard.
  5. Over time in recent years, some operators, not members of GCSFC have ignored white crosses on runways, even when work is being carried out.