Flying to Heck Field

Heck Field Airfield Details

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Airfield nameJacobs Well Airfield YHEC or Heck Field
Airfield elevation10 feet
Airfield latitude & longtitude27.46ºS - 153.20ºE
East-West Runway10/28 700 metres, grass and gravel surface
North-South Runway18/36 700 metres, grass and gravel surface
Airfield VHF frequency119.00 Mhz
Brisbane Area frequency125.70 Mhz
Club AddressGCSFC, 1638 Jacobs Well Rd, Norwell, QLD 4208
Club Hours6:00 AM - 7:00 PM daily for club members.
To open outside these hours please contact caretaker
Wet WeatherIt is not unknown for JCW (which is only a few feet above high tide and on a flood plain) to go underwater after heavy rain. Generally it takes only a few days to dry out but it is always necessary to check with our caretaker before flying in just in case.
Emergency InformationAt all times use the "000" phone number for emergencies or accidents

For overdue aircraft call AMSA 1800 815 257 or +612 6230 689
District AttractionsThe beaches and hinterland as well as whale spotting. Close to Gold Coast and Sanctuary Cove. Easy access to Moreton Bay and Islands
Flight TrainingComing Soon
Aircraft MaintenanceRod Anelzarc RAA Level 2 Phone: 0404 198 662
Parking Areas for Aircraft and Vehicles
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