Gold Coast Sport Flying Club Webcam

Thanks to the support of X-Air Australia the club now has 4 weather outlook cameras operational 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.

All 4 cameras are pointing 45 degrees off the cardinals.

One camera looks to the west-south-west towards the great dividing range (just to the south of say, Boonah), this is the direction a lot of our severe storms come from.

The second camera is looking to the south-east (towards the Gold Coast), the direction that our ocean weather comes from.

The third camera looks toward Brisbane city which is a benign weather direction.

The forth camera looks to the north east towards Stradbroke Island.

All cameras update every 5 minutes with a new image, this is continually refreshed and updated  24 hours a day, 365 days per year.

If there is a service outage it will be displayed on the webcam image itself so you know your not getting the latest image.

Our webcams are networked into the aviation webcam network and supported and viewable on Oz Runways and AvPlan EFB’s. This means if you are flying in from somewhere you can use OzRunways/AvPlan to see the actual weather conditions at the field several hours before arrival, or you can view the cameras live through the GCSFC website.

This is a great safety feature to get real-time weather at Heck Field and another great reason to be a member of the GCSFC.

Thank you to X-Air Australia, Brent Christensen and   for their assistance with this project and resource.