GCSFC caters for everyone with a keen interest in aviation. However, due to our friendly neighbour policy towards the adjacent community, we do have restrictions with regards to types of aircraft to minimise noise and prefer recreational aircraft.

Membership fees are charged as the Club is maintaining the facilities. It is private property and any visiting aircraft must first familiar themselves with the information published in ERSA.

Any person using the facilities, do training at the airfield or to hangar an aircraft must be a Club member. Members must abide by the Articles and By-Laws of the Association.

The following memberships are available:

1.) Ordinary Members: An ordinary member means a person who is interested in using the airfield for flying and/or is accepted as an Ordinary Member and pays the relevant fees set from time to time. Only Ordinary Members are entitled to vote.

2.) Social Members: A person who wishes tp participate only in the social activiities of the Club, not using the airfield for the purpose of operating an aircraft.

3.) Provisional Members: A person who is interested in using the airfield on a short-term basis only. This membership expires after 4 months.

4.) Student Membership: A person who is doing flight training with Gold Coast Sports Flying Training.

5.) Life Membership: The Association can grant Life Membership to a person who have provided long and meritorious service with the Association